Me at London Tower Bridge

Standing in front of the Tower Bridge in London

I am Anna Rose Meeds, a university student studying professional writing and literature. Before I introduce you to this travel blog, I have a confession to make: traveling terrifies me. I sobbed through many family vacations, longing to go home. After awhile, my parents finally stopped forcing me to leave home with them.

However, my longing for exploration and learning has motivated me to slowly enjoy seeing new places. Travel is still not easy. Some of my struggles, such as anxiety and aspergers, make meeting new people and adapting to change extremely hard. However, I choose to push myself outside of my comfort zone each day and try to make the most of life.

This travel blog is meant to help others find some fun parks, restaurants, museums, theaters, and other attractions in areas around the world. I have been to all of the places listed and recommend them to other tourists or residents. Hopefully you can find some interesting ideas for your travels on this blog.

If you want to contact me, have ideas for this blog, or follow me on other social media platforms.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. I think this is a wonderful idea! Not only are you allowing others to share in some of the knowledge and experience you have of visiting these locations, BUT you have also encouraged those who struggle with anxiety conditions to have a go! If you can do it, then others can too!

    This blog is really a wonderful testimony!

    🙂 Great idea!

    Miss Lou


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