5 Oxford Restaurants for the True Scholars and Tourists

Going to be spending some time in Oxford as a student or tourist? If so, enjoying the culture by eating out is great fun that is important to a full experience. Here are 5 restaurants with delicious food and fun atmospheres.

    1. The Eagle and ChildThe Eagle and Child – While in England, finding at least good pub is essential. This one is not only family-friendly and situated right in the center of downtown, it is where C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien used to meet with the Inklings literary group. Pictures on the walls and quotes from their works make this a dream destination for literature and fantasy lovers. Plus the food and beers are delicious in a hearty pub way. Without being too crazy, this is a wonderful place to have some fun. Be sure to get: Sausages and mash (a wonderful vegetarian version is available)  Price Range: £3.50 – £13.95  Website: nicholsonspubs.co.uk/theeagleandchildoxford/
    2. The Grand CafeThe Grand Cafe – The oldest coffee house in England, this cafe is upscale but delightful to visit. If you want to have a fancy high tea, this is the perfect place to go. In fact, the Grand High Tea serves not only tea but also champagne, chocolates, sandwiches, and scones. Huge mirrors against the walls make the cafe gleam and glisten slightly, providing a lovely dining environment. Since the space is small, you might want to arrive at a time when less people will be eating. Be sure to get: Cream Tea   Price Range: £2.25 – £22.45   Website: thegrandcafe.co.uk/
    3. Turl Street KitchenTurl Street Kitchen – Want to eat with other Oxford students? This is the place to be. Not only are there great discounts on the food, this restaurant has several floors of rooms for studying or hanging out with friends. All of the food is fresh and delicious with great vegetarian and vegan options. The friendly staff and cheery environment make this place a favorite of scholars and tourists alike. Be sure to check their menu before heading over because it changes every day. Be sure to get: A lentil or bean dish with herbs and vegetables  Price Range: £5.00 – £13.00   Website:  turlstreetkitchen.co.uk/
    4. Garden  and Vaults CafeVaults and Garden Cafe – Not often do you get the chance to eat in the vaults of a cathedral. Underneath and outside of Oxford University’s official cathedral, St. Mary the Virgin, this cafe serves homemade food in the morning into the afternoon. Then you can choose to eat in the lovely garden beside the church or in the dark vaults. Even just some tea in this environment is enjoyable. Afterward, be sure to climb the bell tower for a small fee and view the rest of St. Mary the Virgin. Be sure to get: Tea with scones or cakes  Price Range: £2.10 – £5.95 Website: thevaultsandgarden.com/ 
    5. Organic DeliOrganic Deli Cafe – Anyone who is gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, or has any other special need concerning food would be glad to find this charming resturant. However, if you eat everything, you will still enjoy this. Generous portions of organic food and engaging staff make this family-run cafe a wonderful place for a meal. There are so many great choices of smoothies, sandwiches, baked potatoes, soups, salads, and breakfast items. Plus, you can buy bags of tea, fruits, honeys, breads, and other goods there too. Be sure to get: A toasted Falafel Sandwich  Price Range: £1.95 – £7.25   Website: oxfordorganic.co.uk/

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