5 Great and Fairly Unknown Restaurants in London

Want to have some great food in London but avoid a huge crowd of tourists? Here are 5 unique restaurants that offer friendly service, delicious food, and unique environments.

    1. All of the desserts at Chini Chor

      All of the desserts at Chini Chor

      Chini Chor – This restaurant serves authentic Indian food. Everything is vegetarian, fresh, and a great blend of different levels of spiciness. Friendly servers greeted us and helped us figure out the menu which was written in Indian. Although I have only visited the Hounslow location, I am sure that the Southall one is amazing as well. Be sure to get: Currie and naan  Price Range: £0.50 – £6.00   Website: chinichor.com

    2. High Tea of Highgate – Sweet and quaint, this little tearoom serves lovely high tea as the name proclaims. Traveling there is pleasant because it is tucked away in a nice neighborhood which makes it less touristy. While there, you can buy tea-related items such as loose leaf teas, milk dishes shaped as cows, and beautiful teapots. Since everyone should have high tea sometime in London, this is a perfect place to do it. Be sure to get: High tea  Price Range: Depends   Website: None but the address is 50 Highgate High St, London
    3. The table setting at Caffe Concerto

      The table setting at Caffe Concerto

      Caffe Concerto – An Italian bistro with several locations, this restaurant is fashionable and sleek. Our servers varied in friendliness but were courteous and charming for the most part. Fresh roses are on each table, and the food is exquisite. Finding a Caffe Concerto should not be too difficult because there are several in London. Although rather pricey, this restaurant is great for a fancy night out in London. Be sure to get: Bruscheta  Price Range: £3.20 – £18.95   Website: caffeconcerto.co.uk

    4. Crepe Fun-Tastic – A cheery pink and green restaurant sandwiched between other buildings, this might be passed by easily. However, if you take the time to enter this small crepe shop, you will be rewarded with a delicious treat. Whether you want a sweet or savory treat or even a sandwich instead of a crepe, you will not be disappointed. Finding this was one of the highlights of my stay in London. Be sure to get: An ice cream-stuffed sweet crepe  Price Range: £2.00 – £6.50   Website: crepefuntastic.co.uk
    5. Our sweet crepes from Crepe Fun-Tastic

      Our sweet crepes from Crepe Fun-Tastic

      James Oliver’s Diner – Fun and environment-friendly, this restaurant has a strange but cute dinosaur theme. Servers greeted us cheerfully and made the night entertaining with their chatter. The food was diverse and tasty for a decent price. Overall, it was a energetic atmosphere that made me long to return. Be sure to get: Happy cow veggie burger  Price Range: £2.50 – £28.00   Website: jamesoliversdiner.com



10 thoughts on “5 Great and Fairly Unknown Restaurants in London

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  2. Lovely interesting and informative post! I would love the vegetarian Indian place! And all the others too! Its one of my favourite things, going to coffee shops and tea rooms. I live in the north near Leeds but if we manage a trip to London again I will bear these in mind. X


  3. I’m feeling like it is a bit of a shame I don’t live over that way or even intend to visit in the next 6 months. 😦 These all look like lovely places to enjoy a meal.

    Thanks for sharing

    Miss Lou


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